May 1, 2019


All Clean Disaster Services will provide a customized mold inspection in your home or business in Charlotte, NC.  The mold inspection, which will be performed by a mold specialist, can include a visual inspection, moisture readings and mold testing. Mold testing options include air-o-cell tests and swab samples to identify the types and concentrations of mold present in an environment. Once the source and types of mold are identified, a mold removal plan will be developed and executed, including containment of the work area to control and limit the spread of mold in the house or other contaminants into surrounding areas of your home or building.

Call 803-343-9194 for mold removal in Charlotte, NC.

Mold removal is not a “do it yourself job”.  Mold removal requires professional chemicals, equipment and training. Treating mold with household chemicals such as bleach can cause mold to spread and create more costly issues in your home or building. Contact All Clean Disaster Services for professional mold removal in Charlotte, NC.